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Our Family

a. Grace/Hannah Christmas 03
b. Family Christmas 2003
c. Family Christmas 2002
e. Girls Christmas 2002
f. Christmas 2000
g. Jeff
h.  Sue and Jeff
i.  Christmas 1999
j.  Grace Pink Dress

Bethany Adoption
Pictures - In China

a. Referral Pictures

Hannah Adoption
Pictures - In China

a. Referral Pictures

"LaLaFuLooza" Photo's
Linchaun Orphanage Reunion - June 2001

a. LaLaFuLooza Home
b. Saturday @ the Zoo
c. Saturday Night in Chinatown

Grace Adoption
Pictures - In China

a. Referral Picture
b. Anthology Home Page
c. China arrival
d. Receiving Grace
e. At the U.S. Consulate
f. U.S. Consulate II
g. Grace in China
h. At McDonald's in China

Grace Adoption
Back Home in the U.S.

a. Welcome Home
b. Reunited with Fu Friends
c. Grace&Paige (6/98)
d. Grace and Mom July 4,1998
e. Halloween (10/98) - LaLa
f. Christmas (12/98)
g. China Silk (3/99)
h. Easter (3/99)
i. Christmas (12/99)
j. Chinese New Year (1/00)
k. Easter (3/00)
l. Now a U.S. Citizen (5/00)
m. Grace and her idol(10/00)
n. The Fu Sisters (10/00)
0. Fu Christmas (12/00)
0. February 2001

China Adoption


National Adoption Information Clearinghouse

 F.C.C. Chicago
 Linchuan Welfare Institute 
 Celebrate the Child

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We've MOVED!!

Easter 2008

Family 2005

Jeff & Sue 2001

Grace, Hannah, Bethany 2005

My Girls

Grace, Hannah, Bethany Christmas 2004

Team Mladenik in China

Please feel free to e-mail regarding any questions or comments regarding adopting in China. We don't have the answers, but we can direct you. 

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